This movie, written and directed by Wyatt Michael, was incredibly difficult to film, being that it is a Period Piece Thriller, has a child lead actor, live animals, and an animatronic puppet lead character. It is Writer / Director Wyatt Michael’s first film of this caliber and everyone involved is immensely proud of the production.

The film was three years of grueling work – two years of pre-production and one year of post.  During that time the film was shot in just four days in North Carolina, USA.  Because of high production costs it was all that could be afforded for this independent film.  It served to be the exact amount of time needed to pull it off well.  A small team came together from all over the United States to make it happen.  The strain of such a small crew in such a short time was tremendous, but everyone worked well as a family.

Many of the props for the film were real antiques dating back to the mid 1800s, so moving these items to and from filming locations had to be done with extreme care.  Period films are the best and most exciting, but they are also complicated and tedious work.  Months of preparations were made to get every detail inside the house right and all of the film’s props were purchased from all over the U.S. and Canada.

All music for the film is original, written by Samuel Atkinson, including the awesome intense movie trailer music.  This is just a sample of what is to come in the final film.  The film also features a song written by Wyatt Michael and Samuel Atkinson that is performed live by Robert Levey in the film – “Simon’s Song”.

The movie features and stars an animatronic mechanical puppet which was designed and created by Wyatt Michael.  The creature took him a total of 6 months to build!  Audiences will be stunned by the goblin’s performance on screen.  Everyone on the film set sat in stunned silence as the creature was performing.  It will certainly be something that audiences will not forget and something very unique to this film and story.

Cast and Crew

Writer / Director – Wyatt Michael

Robert Levey II – Actor

Nicole Hargrove – Actress

Jon Spears – Sound, Wyatt Michael – Director, Anthony Seratelli – Director of Photography

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT – Jon Spears (sound), Anthony Seratelli (Director of Photography), Wyatt Michael (Director), Heather Michael (Props/Costumes/Animals), Nicole Hargrove (Actress), Denise Levey (Script Supervisor). BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT – Aryn Collins (Makeup & Hair), Josh Collins (Actor Double), Robert Levey II (Actor)